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The Perfect Choice in Roofing
When it comes to metal roofing with exceptional looks and enduring quality, Oralium is one of the most sought-after brands in aluminium roofing. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, what makes Oralium distinct from the rest, is the exclusive use of original 3105 aluminium alloy. This along with computer controlled processes to fabricate precise configurations, brings the quality level to world class standards. Oralium aluminium roofing sheets come in 7 different profiles, and trendy colours and can be cut to customized lengths. These along with customized accessories ensure seamless installation. Widely preferred for residential roofing, Oralium is ideal for industrial applications as well.

Original 3105 aluminium alloy
What makes Oralium distinct from the rest, is the exclusive use of original 3105 grade aluminium alloy, best suited for roofing purpose.

Exclusive Advantages
Grantile. Trendsetting European Design.
Imparting impressive aesthetic elegance to home exteriors, Oralium introduced the Grantile profile in aluminium for the first time in India. The Grantile profile has a seamless European design, clean and non-punched, free of pinholes or other obstructions. The overlaps get wrapped between the sheets, thus preventing leaks completely.

PVDF Coating with 15 years guarantee
Oralium introduced this specialty plastic coating for the first time in aluminium roofing sheets in India. Widely used in roofing applications worldwide, PVDF coating provides high levels of purity, strength and excellent resistance to weathering elements, heat and chemicals.

The Oralium advantage


Oralium Aluminium alloy sheets are only about 2.70gm/cm3 dense. Being so light, yet strong, make them perfectly suitable for large and small roofing and cladding purposes. Be it conventional brick/block, industrial steel or timber building, Oralium is easy to handle and install.

Wide range of colours
Oralium Aluminium Roofing Sheets come in an extensive range of colours more than any other brand.

Cut to length
Oralium Aluminium Roofing Sheets can be ordered in any length desired by you. In fact we manufacture custom length sheets upon order so as to ensure little or no wastage, resulting in a perfect finish.

Built to last, Oralium is made of superior quality original 3105 aluminium alloy. Only highly durable materials have gone into its composition. It can hold up to severe weather conditions, still keeping the aesthetics intact. Which means Oralium Roofing Sheets require little or no maintenance.

Corrosion Resistant
Oralium Roofing Sheets are 100% rust proof. They display particularly good endurance in corrosive atmosphere in comparison to galvanized sheet.

Non Friable
Being non-fragile, Oralium roofing sheets are not susceptible to breakage or cracks during transit or erection. This attribute of Oralium makes it quite dependable in addition to ensuring complete safety to roofing workers. What’s more, it saves you a lot of effort and money.

Quick and easy installation
Oralium roofing sheets allow for easy transportation and installation. As they are not brittle, they do not break or crack during or after erection.

Thermal Insulation
Oralium resists and reflects radiant heat and light to a great extent, thanks to its purity and perfect chemical treatment. With low thermal emissivity, Oralium transmits little heat through the cladding skin. This special attribute keeps temperature in the interiors at a comfortable level.

Fire Resistant
Oralium Aluminium Sheets are non-combustible and non-sparking. Non-flammability is especially important in industrial structures, providing them hassle-free protection.

50% Resale Value
Oralium being an original 3105 aluminium alloy is guaranteed to last for a long time. This attribute lends it a very high resale value of up to 50% at any point of time.

Oralium Accessories
Oralium aluminium roofing sheets come with customised accessories from fasteners to preformed ridges, gutters (fitted with spouts), north light curves and corner flashings, ensuring seamless installation.
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Oralium structurals - Advantages

Elegance that lasts long
Duroof is a popular PPGL (Zinc-Alum) brand . What makes Duroof unique from other roofing sheets is the presence of four layers which ensures strength and durability. The two layers on either side of the base metal safeguards it from rusting. The polyester primer coating ensures protection and aesthetic appeal to its colours, offering excellent resistance to peeling and flaking. Well suited for both residential, commercial and industrial structures, Duroof is available in customised lengths and offers a wide choice of attractive colours and profiles.

Strong and durable More colour More profiles Ideal for industrial roofing

Granura - Sand-coated
GI Roofing Sheets
Granura sand coated metal roofing is a trendy and innovative GI roofing variant. It combines strength and durability with the natural and aesthetic look and feel of tiled roofing or shingles. The unique design integrates numerous protective layers. Tough, lightweight and leak-proof, its performance, longevity and versatility are exceptional.

Aesthetic finish Easy to lay Lightweight and Strong Long lasting Economical Fireproof Moss and Fungus resistant Waterproof Anti rust Weather resistant Highly recyclable
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  • Available in a range of colours
  • World class quality
  • Exquisite finish
  • Environment friendly

Ceramic Roofing Tiles
Blending the aesthetic value of the traditional tile design with the advantages of latest technology has been making the roofing headlines. Ceramic roofing is elegant, lightweight and cool, besides being immensely durable.


Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets
Nlite polycarbonate sheet is an excellent roofing material with immense possibilities. Its superior light transmission and huge variety of profiles make it the right choice as a high quality rooflight to blend in with any roofing profile. Ideal for various types of roofing, wall cladding, and safe and secure outdoor glazing applications, it also adds that touch of elegance to interiors.


  • Impact resistant
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Wide service temperature range
  • Lightweight
  • Good flammability rating
  • Extensive warranty
  • Easy to work with and install
Architectural roofings and skylights • Industrial rooflights • Agricultural greenhouses • Residential roofing: pergolas, canopies etc.

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